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3 Ways to Save Money on Your Dog

Saving Money

As a dog trainer, I could easily see spending thousands and thousands of dollars on your dog every month if you bought everything that is out there for sale. The pet industry is absolutely massive and there is no shortage of people who are cashing in, myself included. However, just like anything else, some things are well worth your hard earned cash while others are at best a waste and at worst an outright scam.

I strive to give the absolute best to my clients and provide them with a highly-valuable product that will make them wish they had bought it sooner. This list is a set of a few tips I have to avoid spending more money than is necessary while still providing the best for your dog.

1. Shop Around. You won't believe the price differences of the same things from one store to the next, and especially when you look online. Sometimes you are paying for convenience, but if you can spend a little more time, you can save a lot of money and now you will know where to shop in the future. This goes for supplies, vets, groomers, etc. but keep in mind that with some things, you get what you pay for. Checking reviews of a product, company or service, whether you are buying online or planning to make your purchase in person, can help save you time and grief.

2. Manage Your Dog's Health. Just like with humans and doctors, many visits to the vet are due to preventable circumstances. These preventable visits can add up to tens of thousands of dollars (sometimes more) throughout a pet's life. Making sure your dog is a healthy weight, getting proper exercise and eating clean food can go a very long way in avoiding extra visits to the veterinarian. Stay up to date on the dog food recall list and stay on the proper exercise routine for your type of dog.

3. Get Dog Training. As a dog trainer, I specialize in K9 behavior. When a dog has bad manners, it can be a money pit for the owner. From everything to damaging your possessions and property to hurting themselves and opening you up to a lawsuit by hurting others, your dog can literally bankrupt you. Hiring a competent trainer who has success with difficult cases can save you big time. If you have spent money on dog training before, inform your new dog trainer and make sure he or she tells you how they are different. Now, and this is key, make sure you come away from the conversation MORE confident and LESS confused! An adept behaviorist will help you see things more clearly in a way that empowers you.

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