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The Importance of Well-Rounded Dog Training

Dog Training

Dogs have needs just like people. You may have heard that dogs have the intelligence of three or four year old humans and I would agree that many do. Others can be more like 2 or even 5 year olds. Add to this varying, highly-developed instincts and physical super powers and you have these creatures we love so much called dogs!

Everyone agrees that dogs need exercise, but not everyone understands that walks are not even mostly about exercise. As a dog trainer, I often stress that walks are a very effective way to relieve anxiety in the home, exercise calm and relaxation and bond with your dog! The same way that the walk will influence behavior in the home, the home will influence behaviors on walks and public areas as well. For this reason I like to encounter as many scenarios as possible while training.

While a big yard for your dogs to run and play in is great, walking is about getting new smells and experiencing life outside of the home. It's a great way to socialize and fulfill that need that humans and dogs have for interaction and encounters with others. Dogs are similar to humans in that they tend to get stir crazy if they don't leave the house enough. When this happens, a visitor becomes that much more of an event adding excitement and leading to more unwanted behaviors.

While training your dog, we may go to the pet store, the veterinarian, a friend or family member's house as well as other places you will want to be able to take your dog. This is how we build your confidence, through positive, successful experience! Many times riding in the car is part of the training experience and can be a fun way to have your dog with you when you go out. Once you get back home, as long as the outing was a positive experience, your dog will be more relaxed and overall happy.

One of the most important things for your dog to be calm and secure is for him to feel relaxed and safe in his own home. This is why it is essential to train dogs how to behave when someone comes to the door or inside the home. It is just as important for you to know how to behave as well as how to instruct your visitors to behave in order to not place unnecessary stress or negative stimulation on your dog.

Going to the pet store can be a lot of fun for your dog and as long as he is in the right state of mind, it can be a great addition to your routine in order to cultivate the well-rounded, happy and balanced life your dogs needs to thrive! Once he has settled in to having regular, stress-free walks, living in a home where people respect him and require him to respect others and getting to go to fun places, you will see a joyful, peaceful and well-rounded dog!

The reason it is the best is that my style of dog training aims for us to experience as many real-life situations that have potential to challenge you as possible in order to build your confidence and ability through success!

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