Hands on Dog Training

It's time to stop those unwanted behaviors and start living the life you deserve with your dog! 

When you can't prevent your dog from barking, jumping, biting, scratching, chewing, marking, struggling on walks, fear, anxiety, aggression, etc., it can be stressful to say the least.


Good news! It's not your dog, it's you. Once you are properly trained, you will be able to prevent unwanted behaviors in any environment and situation just like my clients! 


This process will be catered to your lifestyle and environment. You will begin making the necessary changes and seeing the resulting improvements in your dog. I will evaluate your progress and we address any remaining issues. Training may take place off site for socialization and exposure therapy purposes. 

We address any behaviors remaining and continue improving on previously-problematic areas. We will write a detailed-personal plan for your lifestyle and routine moving forward so you can effectively take the wheel. Your dog should never stop improving and your bond should grow with time.


Success Stories

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