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How a Dog Can Improve Your Life

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If you've ever had that bond with a dog that defies explanation, you understand perfectly what I'm about to say. The loyalty, love and joy that your dog can bring to you is invaluable. He is always ecstatic to see you when you come home no matter how long you left him. Tell him you are going to the park exactly like you do every day and he acts like you just told him you are going to Disney World. How can you not love that!

Now this is the best part. Not only does your dog make going anywhere so much more fun but he is always a warm, soft companion who loves to snuggle all night long. Scientific studies say hugging a dog has visible healing effects on both the dog and the human. I don't need a scientist to tell me that! There's a reason dogs are taken into hospitals and recommended for children who are suffering from depression and anxiety disorders and used as service animals for people suffering from may different afflictions.

It doesn't stop there. Among the many benefits of owning dogs is the fact that they help you meet people and create relationships. If your dog is well behaved and you are responsible about where you take him and what situations you put him in, your dog will open up the possibility for so many positive interactions with other people. People everywhere love dogs and there's no ice breaker like having your fur babies right there ready to brighten up someone's day. Dog don't care who it is, dog just wants to be friends!

This part is so important. Not only does your dog need to be well behaved in order to have safe outings, so do any dogs he comes in contact with. Much of the time my clients' dogs have changed their behavior after having a violent encounter with another dog. I teach them not only how to rebuild their dog's confidence and make him feel safe but also how to avoid the same thing from happening again. The two main things that I am all about are fun and safety.

In conclusion, dogs are such a huge part of our society because they make our lives so much better. Otherwise, they wouldn't be everywhere. While most dogs are well behaved enough to manage in the house and in public, an increasing amount are developing behavioral issues that make canine interactions not only frustrating but extremely dangerous to the point of causing major injuries and death. As a dog behaviorist, I suspect several reasons for this, but that's another story in and of itself. For now, if you have any behavioral issues hindering you from enjoying your time at home or in public with your dog, contact an excellent dog behaviorist and start living your best life with your dog!

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