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How I Was Inspired to Become an In-Home Dog Trainer

When I was a kid, I never thought I would become a dog trainer. I always wanted to be a therapist. My parents split when I was a baby and I didn't see my father that often so my mother thought a therapist could be helpful. I always liked helping people and in 6th grade I was selected by my classmates to be a peer mediator. I would literally be called to help mediate disputes between students. It seems conflict resolution has always been something I enjoyed and as an in-home dog trainer in the Dallas area, I get to do the same thing with families.

I always wanted a dog more than anything growing up, but I was never allowed to because of how much work they required and how hard they were to control. I grew up in my grandmother's house and she wanted calm and order, so no way a dog was coming. Now it is my life's mission to educate people of the possibilities. Having a dog doesn't mean you have to have chaos. Dogs actually crave calm order. They have needs for physical and mental stimulation which is very extreme in some dogs, so it may seem that they enjoy chaos, but they are actually just reacting to their needs not being met.

As a dog trainer, I provide dog training in order to educate dog owners on how to provide for the dog in the best way possible. Think of dogs like plants. Some require more water and some require more nutrients and sunlight. You want specific instructions on exactly what and how much your living creature needs to thrive as much as possible. This what inspires me. Knowing that people are out there struggling or even just missing out on so much of their dog's potential.

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