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How I came up with the name A Better Life With Dogs.

My dog training company is called A Better Life With Dogs LLC. Once I decided to become a dog trainer I had been struggling to come up with a name for my company. I had a catchy name that wasn't quite my style but was probably going to get me clients. This name was already taken by another dog trainer so I knew I had to think of something else. I wanted to convey the fact that what I was doing while training dogs was not just teaching tricks and mindless commands, but helping people and dogs to share living spaces with one another and co-exist peacefully and joyfully.

One night while I was climbing into bed and cuddling with my dogs who were already there I just thought how much better my life was because of them. Then it hit me. It's a better life with dogs! I thought it was catchy and had a good double meaning. On the one hand it means your life is better if it is with dogs and on the other hand it means you can have a better life with the dogs you already have.

I felt like this was the perfect explanation of what it is I had been dreaming of doing as a dog trainer. Two reasons why people get dogs is for their own entertainment and to be a good caregiver for the dog. Most people are some mixture of both but nobody wants to have a dog that is hard to manage. People want dogs so that their life can be better. Nobody gets a dog and says I hope this dog tears up all my stuff, goes after everyone and everything and never listens, and while many people most certainly love their dogs to death despite any and all issues, bad behavior is unsettling and unhealthy. By training dogs and people to communicate effectively, I aim to help bring the joy that God intended to your life.

Yorkie and happy family

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