"Preston has a natural way with dogs.  I first met him when I had just adopted a 95 lb airedale (Rodney) and was finding it impossible to walk him along with Emmylou, my 18 lb wire hair fox terrier. I really hadn’t paid much attention to the adoption papers that indicated his behavior on a leash was 'pulls like a sled dog'. In addition to that he 'mouthed' my arms leaving bruises and jumped up on everyone until I realized I needed a dog trainer. Preston was able to instruct me in ways to handle Rodney so that he no longer took advantage of me. He is now a wonderfully well behaved member of the family and is gentle with children and elders.  I have recommended Preston to family members and friends." - Susan J.

"We had been turned away by dog trainers and told that we needed to re-home or even put down our beloved 10 year old American Staffordshire Terrier, Rocco, after he attacked our new rescue dog, Hank, and bit me on my hand. Thank God a friend referred us to Preston. He was able to quickly identify some major concerns that were affecting the energy in the house that we had no idea about! For instance, we never realized that it was our little chihuahua mix, LadyBelle, who was causing tension. We are thrilled to report that we are able to keep a calm and safe environment without giving up our family members, because that's how we feel about them." - Melissa R.

"I contacted Preston because my dog Huey was afraid to walk on a leash and get into a car. During our first session he was actually walking outside on a leash and enjoying himself! My smaller dog Penny pulls on her leash so Preston also gave instructions to correct that behavior and what a difference it has made! Preston is kind, loves dogs (and Kitties!) and can help you with any type of behavioral issues you’re having with your puppy, dog, or cat. He’s quite knowledgeable and a really great person. We have become friends and I truly value the friendship as well. Call Preston for quick results! He knows how our pets think and why!"  -Lynda K.

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