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How having a trained dog and a stable household go hand in hand.

As a dog trainer in Dallas, I offer in-home dog training in order to help people. Yes, I love dogs and my dogs mean the World to me, but I am most passionate about helping people. It's something I've always wanted to do more than making money or anything else. I never ever had a thought of becoming a dog trainer. I went to college for psychology and I wanted to be a therapist. Therapy had helped me get over my parents' divorce at a young age and so I wanted to spend my life helping people who are struggling. I ended up joining the military to serve my country. When I got out, I began doing landscaping with a neighbor. The neighbor had a dog that was so strong she couldn't walk it and it was manhandling everyone who came to her house. That's when I started working with dogs and everything changed.

Since then I have been training dogs and teaching people the importance of maintaining a stable household. The first thing people have to realize is that they are the problem. The dog is merely responding to the improper environment that his owner is providing. Once they learn how to bring calm, order and safety into the picture, they see the dog they always knew was there. Dogs are instinctually driven and some have much more highly developed instincts than others. Certain things in the house can set off the dogs instincts and cause them to act out. What I do is get the dog to use his brain instead of instincts. Getting humans to use their brains is the trick. That may sound funny but most of the time human emotion is taking over their logic and preventing them from making the right decisions. Once they tap into reality, dog owners are able to experience a much deeper and truer bond with their furry companions.

Dog Training Secrets

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