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Thank you for reaching out! You are not alone. I have helped thousands of people and their dogs with behavior issues. My clients get the absolute best information and training. No matter how many trainers or methods you’ve tried, this is completely different and always works. 


Below is a breakdown of pricing and what is included in the training. You may Book a Single Session at any time. 


Sessions are 90 minutes  


Basic Obedience: $400

(Ideal for puppies or people who don't need leash training.) 


Single Session


1. Basic commands: Sit, stay, leave it, place and recall.

2. Home manners: No barking, jumping, chewing, peeing, scratching, biting, howling, growling, whining, pushing, separation anxiety, resource guarding, fear, aggression, etc.


Good Manners Checklist: $1,000 

(Recommended for dogs with multiple issues and owners with multiple dogs. Pricing only available in packages. Call or text me for scheduling.) 469-279-3557

3 Sessions


1. Basic Obedience.

2. Leash training.

3. Socialization at pet spaces and venues.


Accountability Course: $1,100

(Recommended for dogs with extreme issues. Pricing only available in packages. Call or text me for scheduling.)  469-279-3557


4 Sessions


1. Basic Obedience

2. Good Manners Checklist.

3. Leash Training

4. Socialization

5. Follow-up Session

*In-home training is available within 15 miles of High Five Interchange, Interstate 635, U.S. 75, Dallas, TX 75243. Clients who are out of my range for in-home training may bring your dogs to my facility in Richardson for Private Sessions. I will be in touch soon! 469-279-3557

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