I'm Preston, professional dog behaviorist. I provide in-home dog and owner training in DFW. I absolutely love what do! I am a US Navy veteran and in the military I learned the importance of working as a team towards a common goal and how great leadership makes the difference between success and failure.

    I have two dogs who came from rescues. Bella, the border collie mix and Freckles, the English bull terrier. I adopted Freckles from the rescue I was working for at the time and she changed my life. She is a special needs dog and requires constant encouragement and consideration but she is extremely sweet and I wouldn't trade her for the World. She has her own Facebook page Freckles La Pecas if you


want to see her shenanigans! Bella is just one of those easy dogs. She does everything you say and loves everybody. Although they are very different and have contrasting personalities, Bella is a wonderful companion for Freckles and helps remind her of how to be a dog.

     I take a therapeutic approach to how behaviors affect your pack. For me, being a dog trainer is not about dogs or people, it's about dogs and people.  I offer dog training in order to educate dog owners on how to provide for their dog in the best way possible. You want specific instructions on exactly what your living creature needs to thrive. This varies so much from dog to dog that private and personalized one-on-one dog training is going to be the most effective.

     I have trained thousands of dogs in rescues, shelters, privately in their homes and in public. Many of them were from puppy mills and had to be taught that humans can be loving and kind. Many of them were rescues who needed to learn that other dogs are fun and safe. Others were pure-bred champions with behavioral issues but regardless of the breed and circumstance, every dog is different. Each dog I meet is a learning experience.

     I have always had a natural insight for communicating and working with dogs. I remember as a young child walking the neighbors' dogs and pet sitting for various friends and family members. Dogs have always been one of my favorite things in life. I invariably perceived them as being good even when their actions were less than desirable. This allows me to see from the dogs' points of view and empathize with their situation.    

      I have trained everything from aggressive dogs who have caused serious bodily harm to puppies in nursing homes whose owners have physical limitations. Teddy is a white miniature schnauzer puppy whose owner couldn't walk him because she lives in assisted living and is in an electric wheelchair. It was always too dangerous because of how hard he pulled but within an hour Teddy was walking perfectly beside the wheelchair. Now he is able to go on walks and enjoy some fresh air with his mama. See the video HERE   

     These are the types of cases that I hold very dear. Ozzy, the cavalier was waking up at 2am every night and screaming in his owners' faces. This was especially hard on them because they are both physicians who work long hours and have two small children. Ozzy had to be in the bed because if he was put on the floor or in a crate, he would foam at the mouth and be covered with sweat from the stress. He had been to multiple trainers, been placed on prozac and was taking sleeping pills. Nothing worked. After just one session, the nightly screaming only happened once in a week, and after two sessions it had completely stopped. Ozzy could be walked again for the first time in a year because he wasn't straining and barking. He even went to Petco and was very well behaved. 

     I am able to get results time after time through in-home, private dog training lessons in Dallas TX and the DFW metroplex.


"I ordered Jimmy John's and both dogs just stood there when the delivery guy came!!! No barking or rushing out the door! Thank you!" -Sherry G.