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Fast. Effective. Results Based.


Dog Behaviorist

If your dog is ever barking, jumping, pulling, biting, chewing, peeing, hyper, anxious, aggressive, fearful, stressed or disobedient, you've come to the right place!

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Preston Halford
The DFW K9 Trainer
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My training is completely unique and the guaranteed best in Dallas. Other training just teaches your dog to sit and stay and doesn't fix anxiety, stress, fear, aggression, dominance, hypertension, disobedience or any unwanted behaviors. Inadequate training makes dogs more reactive and keeps you in and endless cycle of repetitions and failure for which you and your dog will ultimately be blamed. My training empowers owners to make the impossible seem effortless. You can be just like my clients and keep your dogs obedient, happy and stress free in any environment no matter their breed, age or history. 

Looking for Real Results?

You Need A Calm, Obedient Dog in Any Environment