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Dallas' #1 Dog Trainer


In-Home & In-Public Sessions

Address All Your Training Needs In The Home & Public Spaces

Serving Dallas-Fort Worth & Surrounding Areas


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Looking for more than just sit & stay? You need real results that last!

Preston Halford
Dog Behaviorist

STOP barking, jumping, chewing, scratching, biting, growling, whining, fighting, poor recall, leash pulling, separation anxiety, dominance, aggression, reactivity, fear, disobedience & MORE for good!! 

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Don't Take My Word For It!

See Explosive-Before-And-After Videos  Showing You Unmistakeable Change.

Most importantly, see my clients who were just like you doing it themselves!



This process will be catered to your lifestyle and environment. You will begin making the necessary changes and seeing the resulting improvements in your dog. I will evaluate your progress and we address any remaining issues. Training may take place off site for socialization and exposure therapy purposes. 

We address any behaviors remaining and continue improving on previously-problematic areas. We will write a detailed-personal plan for your lifestyle and routine moving forward so you can effectively take the wheel. Your dog should never stop improving and your bond should grow with time.


If you're like most of my clients, your dog already knows words and commands. You need your dog to stop being difficult in public, reacting at home, and being anxious, stressed, fearful or otherwise disobedient when it matters the most. This is what my clients are finally able to achieve!

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Success Stories


Arlo and I did 6 sessions with a reactive dog specialist but nothing helped. Within 10 minutes of training with Preston we had Arlo listening to me and not reacting to anything!

Kayla, 2021


I've been doing things wrong but you've given me the tools and the answers I need to make us happy. I can't believe the progress we made in 20 minutes. Thank you!

PJ, 2021